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Shari tailors every talk to the audience, context and moment

People hire her to provide insight and inspiration on:

  • Why it matters that women's voices in all their diversity are equitably included in every arena, from business to the news media to politics

  • What research tells us about the benefits to increasing women's  contributions  

  • Strategies to overcome the barriers that prevent the integration of diverse women's perspectives 

  • Effective communications -- including how make messages more accessible, persuasive and memorable, and engage from the front of a room 

She combines storytelling and research to engage and enlighten. She uses humour and spoken word to provoke and inspire.  

You can read what previous clients and attendees have said about Shari's keynotes and workshops on the testimonials page.


  • OMG! What if I really AM the best person?

  • The Benefits of a Balance of Power

  • Life Lessons in Strategic Communications

  • The Fast Track for Heroic Men

  • Everyday Persuasion

  • Presenting Authentically to Engage

  • Done Asking: How Change Happens

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