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I listen to speakers regularly as part of my job, and become disillusioned by many, but Shari blew me away. She was compelling and full of charisma.

-- Heather Barnabe, CEO of G(irls)20


Thank you for a fantastic presentation! I had excellent feedback from both partners and guests alike. You're a gifted speaker and I felt really inspired to speak up more. We would definitely like to host more of these across the country.

-- Jacqueline Foley, Odgers Berndtson


Your speech was timely, relevant, interesting -- and delivered perfectly. I could see an enthusiastic response at surrounding tables. Very much a crowd pleaser.

        -- Maureen Boyd, IWF member


An awesome talk that really engaged the audience with humour and insights.

       -- Clare Beckton, IWF member

Your session was the highlight of the weekend. I've got the survey results to prove this.

      -- Lisa Tobias, Red Cross


You still go down in CCIC history as one of the most charismatic and brilliant speakers known to us. Your contribution to the 2016 CCIC Women’s Leaders forum and soiree was invaluable.


        – Sarah Thaw, Canadian Council on International Cooperation


People liked the message and the delivery. You deliver a hard hitting message that is both inspirational and a much needed kick in the butt. I loved it and would have you back in a heartbeat.

        -- Tammy Sweeney, Women in Leadership and Business conferences

Shari, you truly were the hit of UNICEF's United Nations General Assembly program!

-- Martha Spears, Director, Development, UNICEF Canada

Shari’s public lecture at UVic was a tremendous success. It attracted female faculty and graduate students from all across campus and was informative, interactive and inspiring. Shari is a dazzling public speaker. We look forward to bringing her back to campus to lead the Informed Opinions Workshop.


        – Maneesha Deckha, Associate Professor, University of Victoria

Shari’s keynote was brilliant. She provided context, substance and hope, all wrapped up in humour and punchy imagery. An absolutely perfect close to our conference, I’d give it an 8 out of 5.


        – Merryl Bear, Director, National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Shari’s presentation at the Vancouver Public Salon was deeply human, engaging, iconoclastic, witty and so in touch with the issues of today.


        – Sam Sullivan, MLA, Former Mayor of Vancouver

The training has borne immediate and visible results; we see a marked and welcome difference in the clarity and confidence of the presenters, as well as in the quality of their slides.

-- Claire Thompson, Program Officer, IDRC

An energetic presenter, Shari brings a keen sense of humour and knowledge of how media work and why women need to speak up about what they know. The workshop gave me confidence to write an op-ed, the publication of which generated a substantive radio interview on CBC.


        – Elisabeth Gugl, Department of Economics, University of Victoria

Outstanding expertise PLUS a warm welcoming style PLUS good control of the clock and ensuring everyone was heard! Thank you!


        – Diane Harris, Canadian Women’s Foundation

It was an inspirational session, filled with brilliant insights and superb strategies.Fascinating. Focused. Funny. This offers just about everything women could possibly need to know about how to get our important ideas out into the public realm. 


       – Constance Backhouse, Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa

Informative and inspiring. A real confidence booster.


        – Michelle Rupp, Chair, The Minerva Foundation for BC Women

It was very useful to learn from someone with SO much current experience, and who is so dynamic!


        – Rachel Tutte, Co-chair, BC Health Coalition



It was a terrific session – one of the most valuable professional development sessions I’ve ever had in the course of a long career.


        – Dr. Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair in Information Law, University of


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